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Armenia 50 seeks proposals artists and curators who have good organisational skills and will require a minimum of assistance. Artists/curators are expected to be proactive and to manage their own install and to organise extra equipment if required.

Hire Fees:

■ €250 + IVA per week*
■ €150 + IVA per week (without staffing of the Gallery during opening hours)
■ 0 % commission taken on sales
■ Standard exhibition duration is 2 weeks

Gallery costs will include:

■  Marketing and promotion, including details of all events on our website, formatting of e-invitations and electronic newsletter mail-out to our database
■ Standard gallery running costs (special overhead costs may apply)
■ *Gallery is staffed 5 days a week by Arménia 50 staff (flexible time)

Exhibitors are advised to take out personal accident cover and insurance to cover loss or damage to artworks during transportation, storage and exhibition.

Proposal checklist:

■ The proposed title of your exhibition
■ A statement about the exhibition concept
■ Your preferred month
■ images representative of the work to be exhibited
■ Your artist CV
■ Your contact details

How to apply:

Via email